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What is Invoice Track ?

Invoice track is an online web solution that enables businesses to track invoices . Invoices sent to clients as well as received from suppliers are all visible online - in one place.

You, your clients and vendors can track the pertinent invoices - via smartphones, from office computers or home computers. Anytime , Anyplace!

Why is it better for you?

  • It saves you money! - It costs less than mailing invoices. Better tracking leads to better follow up. Automated reminders improves collections.
  • You have better control because of improved visibility for all participants in the accounts payable cycle
  • Better productivty - because routine status queries are self-service - saving you time for the importan stuff. All supporting attachments are in one place - one click away!
  • I track my payables and receivables through my accounting system. Is the system still useful?

    Yes - and for the following reasons:

  • You can attach supporting documents to the invoice. So you have everything in one place! Most accounting systems do not do this.
  • Visibility of invoices for Clients/Vendors : Most accounting systems are internal , closed systems. Unless you have a web site that shares status of invoices with vendors - you have to waste your valuable time on routine status and follow up.
  • You can access invoice information via smartphones , netbooks , home or office computres - any device that you use on the internet.
  • What about security?

  • Only users in your allowed list can view invoices in your company
  • Only Admin users can create new invoice records.
  • What platform does it run on ?

    InvoiceTrack runs on Google's Infratructure. It is an application that is developed and deployed on Google's App Engine Framework. It is available 7x24 (99.9% availability).

    How much does it cost ?

    It is very inexpensive .. almost Free!
  • Tracking invoices sent to you by your suppliers is FREE!
  • Sending Invoices online to your clients is cheaper than mailing them! especially if they have attachments. The monthly fee is only $10 for upto 100 invoices / month Larger volumes qualify for discounts.
  • What do you need to do to get started ?

    Actually - log in to create an account online -- and you are ready to go! Nothing to install ! Nothing to download!. Of course you do need an internet connection

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