° Ideal Use and Benefits

Ideal for:
  • 1. Intranet Web Site
  • 2. Manuals
  • 3. Reference Materials
  • 4. Change Logs
  • 5. Proposal Colloaboration

  • 1. Info at fingertips (IT Info)
  • 2. Web posting by Non-Technical
  • 3. Latest information
  • Easy Word-like editing
  • Anyone can post and edit pages/articles
  • Users can add comments to key postings
  • Key pages can be locked from further edit

° Capabilities Overview

Home | Projects | Service Tickets | Knowledge Base | Notice Board

  • A Knowledge Base/Intranet consists of a series of hyperlinked pages grouped by a topic/channel.
  • Creating a knowledge base consists of publishing articles to a channel/topic
  • You create a new page by inserting a link in the text of an existing page using cWikiMarkup as follows: {PageID|Page description} where PageID is a word with no spaces such as: TestManual
  • Page links can be:
    I. Another page in the knowledge base. Ex {OtherPage}
    II. Link to a Wikipedia. Ex {$Wiki|WikiName}
    III. An external link. Ex {$link|URL}
  • You go back using the Back Button

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